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He left in 1994 after he was offered multiple acting roles.He also wanted to get behind the scenes and has since written, directed and produced his own documentaries.Some topics he says may be possible themes include special effects, '80s comedies and like "a Snuggie for your brain," Hardwick said of his intentions. website and podcasts, but it was an unexpected look back at his early '90s days that was truly the highlight.Near the end of the Television Critics Association's winter press tour session Saturday afternoon, Hardwick -- also host of AMC's with a revealing anecdote.Nina Blackwood will forever go down in history as one of the original five VJs for MTV, and she soon became a huge hit (especially with the men who hadn’t forgotten her Playboy shoot in 1978…).

Other than that, we had a very brothery-sistery relationship and I adored working with her. They had wanted to do a “Singled Out” sketch for a while and I was way on board.

She pointed out to me, “See, the curtains don’t match the rug.” I complimented her decor nonetheless.

The most sexual thing that ever happened was Jenny showing me her PMOY spread.

Jenny Mc Carthy‘s limited-run weekly show on Sirius XM Stars has birthed a live daily version on the service.

On Channel 109, she will follow Howard Stern starting Monday, when the former Playboy Playmate’s first guest will be Demi Lovato.