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Specifically, the patch fixes an issue where if a team called a time out on a safety punt, that team would then get to kick a regular kickoff.The update also addresses a problem in online games where, when the game was paused, the defensive timer would run out, leading the game to auto-choose the play.In addition to thes emajor changes, the patch will apply a number of fixes and some fine tuning; visit the EA Sports blog for more details.The patch is expected on Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 “around” October 16. The players enter with cards reflecting the type of ratings they'll have in the next game, along with some special "future" editions that rate them among the elite.They can be obtained through card packs or the Auction House.

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14 Oakland Raiders: S Karl Joseph Future "Elite" Card: 93 Overall Rookie "Gold" Card: 82 Overall Key Ratings: Zone Coverage (93/89), Speed (95/92) No.Typically incoming rookies don't make their debut in sports video games until the new editions release months after their respective drafts take place.Updates to the earlier game's rosters stop once the league years come to a close.MORE: NFL Draft tracker | First round winners and losers Here's a look at the 31 rookies that now are found in Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team and their ratings.While their Overall Ratings are based on when they were selected, the individual attribute ratings are unique to each individual.