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Most of those women live in Sweden, which means the rest of us fakers spend a disproportionate amount of time in the salon chairs of people like Jack Howard.

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It's not like there's some systematic outline for what's beautiful and what isn't.

As tickets for the event can cost up to £200 – just less than a weekend ticket to see the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury Festival cost last year, Margot attempts to sweeten the deal by writing: “we will be responsible for all the expenses”.

A spokesman for the org, a dedicated dating service for Cambridge students, told the : “Cambridge is a really hard place to find romance and a date for a May Ball."In exam periods, the trend seems to be that girls stick to their own groups, while men want to get out and meet new women - so that makes it very hard for them to get together."The advert has been shared on the Overheard in Cambridge Facebook page, with students tagging their friends as potential candidates.

Though Harvey wasn’t chatty about her in the press, the pair were inseparable, and she was present during his Tommy John surgery.

They quietly broke up after eight months of dating.