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And Lakshmi wrote that Rushdie was callously insensitive to a medical condition that made intercourse painful for her.Rushdie once became so enraged by her rejection of his overtures that he denounced Lakshmi as a "bad investment," she wrote.She had a bad attitude and I didn't like the fact that her and Wes hooked up. Yeah she did make a turn around, but too late everyone already hated her. Top Chef is an American reality competition television series which premiered on March 8, 2006, on Bravo.The show features chefs competing against each other in various culinary challenges.The stunningly beautiful Lakshmi, in her new memoir “Love, Loss, and What We Ate,” serves up the hot, steaming dish about the egotistical writer.

The Lionsgate movie, which has grossed more than 0 million worldwide, won seven Golden Globes on Jan. In his acceptance speech, Spencer said that he was driven by the need to tell a story about the importance of diversity, using the setting of a mammalian motropolis.

The two were reportedly “having a bitch fest” about De Laurentiis, a woman they seemingly perceive to be a man-stealing kitchen queen.

The food-world insider, however, doubts that De Laurentiis would have been deeply involved with Flay, since he’s a peer and couldn’t really advance her ambitions: “I think Giada would have believed that she could do better than him.” (De Laurentiis’ spokesperson maintains that she and Farley began dating in August, after Farley and his wife divorced; other supposed assignations with men, including Flay and Lauer and Mayer, have been denied.) The jilted wives reportedly discussed the possibility that De Laurentiis could get called into court to testify in what promises to be a battle royal for Farley.

When her undiagnosed endometriosis diminished Lakshmi’s sex drive, the unsympathetic Rushdie became furious that she was unavailable for the fevered, urgent intimacy they'd once enjoyed, according to the book.

Their May-December romance began when she was a struggling model-actress and Rushdie already a global symbol of free speech after the Muslim backlash against his 1988 novel “The Satanic Verses.” Lakshmi was 28 and single, Rushdie was 51 and married to his third wife.