Ubuntu updating bootloader

Typing "help" on the command line will result in a list of available commands and descriptions being printed.

Follow the following steps to upgrade the firmware on a m Dot or Dragonfly using the MTS bootloader CLI and YMODEM.

Will your computer not boot into Windows after installing an update on your dual-boot or Wubi Ubuntu install?

Here’s how you can get your Windows boot loader back so you can easily get back to work in either OS.

This boot partition should probably be mounted on a Linux system as /boot/efi for the updating of new kernels and initrd images. It will execute the boot script called found in the root of an ESP.

can be used to load and execute the preferred boot loader.

I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a system already having Windows 8 - the Ubuntu partition was created during install.

These provide a standard environment for booting and running pre-boot applications.

The table following lists known features found in current EFI/UEFI capable boot loaders and boot managers.

We’ve mentioned before how Wubi is a great way to run Ubuntu on your Windows PC or netbook, and in general it works great.

However, sometimes your system may receive updates to GRUB, and if you choose the wrong option, the next time you reboot your computer you may find that it think there’s only Ubuntu and no Windows installed on your computer.