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For the umpteenth time that morning, my phone pinged with yet another incoming message.

I recommended everyone to watch this drama even though it came out a long time ago.

The main characters are adorable and their chemistry is amazing.

Today, Next Innovation is the top tech company where young people want to work the most.

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But now here I am, at the other end of the mobile phone.

A woman who has just lost the loveliest of mothers.

And I realise just how soulless it is to receive condolences - however well-meant - in short and impersonal, almost glib, one-liners, and often signed off with 'lots of luv xx'.

As I squint to read these messages on my phone screen, I've come to understand how this new 'etiquette' has obviated the need for a personal touch, even at a time of dark sorrow and deep distress, allowing well-wishers to appear to be doing 'the right thing' while, in fact, expending no emotional energy at all.