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Manually save any other data off your phone that you may want, such as your Camera Roll.If moving from i OS 10.2.1 to i OS 10.2, you will not be able to restore a 10.2.1 backup to your device on 10.2, so make sure you save anything you want now.We recently covered the release of Luca Todesco’s first build of yalu102.This tool will eventually allow all 64-bit devices to jailbreak i OS 10.But i OS 10.2.1 protects against a range of possibly 'devastating' attacks.You can now unlock 1Password 6 with your existing Master Password.The update fixes bugs that could potentially leak all your personal information, or give someone control over your device, according to reports.

To avoid these problems, we recommend you wait for a day or two to download i OS 9 on your device.i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus will be able to use it on i OS 10.0-10.1.1, all other 64-bit devices will be able to use it on i OS 10.0-10.2.As the signing window for i OS 10.2 could close at any time, the pressure is on to downgrade to i OS 10.2 if you are currently on a higher firmware. Once that telltale red dot shows up on your device's Settings app, you're ready for i OS 10.Apple rolls out the update gradually beginning on the morning of Tuesday, September 13.