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Instead, as a result of the use of the ALTER TABLE To find objects in a pending status, run the display database command using the DB2 Interactive Command Processor (DB2I), DSN session under TSO, or a z/OS console session.

As an example, the following command displays all tablespaces in the Advisory Reorg Pending (AREO*) status and all indices in the Rebuild Pending status for a database called Q51802R1: -DIS DB(Q51802R1) SPACENAM(*) ADVISORY(AREO*) RESTRICT(RBDP) DSNT360I -5A *********************************** DSNT361I -5A * DISPLAY DATABASE SUMMARY * RESTRICTED ADVISORY DSNT360I -5A *********************************** DSNT362I -5A DATABASE = Q51802R1 STATUS = RW DBD LENGTH = 2996486 DSNT397I -5A NAME TYPE PART STATUS PHYERRLO PHYERRHI CATALOG PIECE -------- ---- ----- ----------------- -------- -------- -------- ----- PTTBLZZ TS RW, AREO* IDX1R9 IX RW, RBDP ******* DISPLAY OF DATABASE Q51802R1 ENDED ********************** In most circumstances, a committed alter will cause DB2 to create a new version of the tablespace, which reflects the format of the desired alter.

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