Mcafee epo global updating

yes, passed that error but got a warning about SQL server, click OK ... one more warning; setup is ready to install Microsoft Visual C 2008 redistributable on your system ... so it start installation Visual C , now it wants a reboot ...again, e PO setup ........ choosing admin and password and now standing on Yes on IP1, IP2, IP3 ... if on your server installed Web service then you will get one more error to set different port for the agent server communication ..... and anytime it will be done:@ now we know how to install e PO 4.5(when i tried by myself alone those time i took 2 more days to get successful and have to solve alone all of that by my own) ... lets give her that, i'm her master :@lets walk forward ....

Stinger now includes Real Protect - a real-time behavior detection technology that monitors suspicious activity on an endpoint.

The property page of the particular task that updates the AV dat (or whatever) on client PCs doesn't contain any options to change the schedule.

I 'inherited' the setup from previous IT Managers, and the schedule is 9am and 9pm.

Our security management architecture scales for organizations of all sizes, significantly reducing the number of servers to deploy.

I am sure this is simple, but I did have a look and couldn't find anything.